His real name is Graeme Stevely. Grado's height is 5 ft 11 in and he weighs 235 lbs. He was born in Stevenston, Scotland, Scotland on 02 Jun 1988. His nickname is The Lowlander. Grado's signatures moves are Wee Boot, Stunner and The Slug. He has wrestled under the ringnames Grant Dunbar, Grado Dunbar, Odarg The Great.
Name: Grado
Real Name: Graeme Stevely
Ring Names: Grant Dunbar, Grado Dunbar, Odarg The Great
Promotion: Freelancer
Date of Birth: 02 June 1988
Born In: Stevenston, Scotland, Scotland

Entrance Themes

Signature Moves

Other Moves

  • Wee Boot

Wrestling Info

Nick Names
  • The Lowlander
  • Singles Wrestler
  • Tag Team Wrestler